Willow River Mud


Last November I was in Wisconsin visiting family. Just across the Mississippi from Minneapolis is Wisconsin’s Willow River State Park. The river is normally dammed up, but they had to drain the pond due to dam safety issues. The result were these incredible patterns and textures in the sand and mud.

Duck Duck Goose


Sometimes when we take a photo it’s just a good photo. Other times the photo is more like a message in a bottle; once you open it up, it will tell you a story filled with emotion. I suppose that is what the old adage “a picture is worth a thousand words” means.

When I was in Wisconsin in November we stopped at a wetland park to see the migratory swans. The swans had already moved on, but there were hundreds of ducks and geese. A ways down the shore I saw these three standing on a branch and knew I had to get them. I stood in the freezing wind for 20 minutes waiting for a shot of just them. After cropping I had just one stray duck to remove in Lightroom.

It’s stories like this that give us our favorite photos.


Matthew Chapter 10

19 And ye shall be hated of all the world for my name’s sake; but he that endureth to the end shall be saved.

We all have those days that feel endless. Those days where everybody seems to be taking shots at you. Those days where we don’t think we can take any more. We have this image in our heads about what a good day is supposed to look like, and these days don’t even come close to that image. The images below are nowhere close to properly exposed. Yet somehow we find beauty in it. What is it about these photos? How are we able to find beauty in an unbalanced image? How might we apply that ability to life? How do these photos endure the overexposure to become something to be admired? Oh that I could be one of them.

Hello Again!

Hey everybody! I am Jared Eggo. I am a nature photographer. I am working on a book series to help preserve nature. You can find the description of it on the “Missouri’s Natural Areas” page at the top of the screen.

I just started this blog, but I’ve had either a blog or a website for about 2 years. I had to cut the website due to lack of funds, and my old blog is by a different name. I started this one to make all my sites by the same name. Below are a few of my best photos to start out with.