Blending In

When I was growing up, being the center of attention was never a good thing. It meant I was in trouble, usually for something one of my siblings did. Being the middle child, everything was somehow my fault. So I learned how to disappear. I was neither heard nor seen unless absolutely necessary. I did this mostly by playing outside. That’s probably where I found my love of nature. The woods were my sanctuary. When I couldn’t be outside, I was reading.

Blending in was a skill I learned in order to stay out of trouble. As a child I’m not sure if it ever really worked, but it was all I could do. As an adult it translates as introversion, conflict avoidance, isolationism, and vulnerability to manipulation.

This Six–Lined Racerunner blends in to avoid being eaten. The contrast of the green, black, and brown is striking, but in black and white you can truly appreciate its camouflage.

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