Edge – WPC

Many times we associate an edge with a negative outcome; hair standing on end before a lightning strike or falling off the edge of a cliff. However, one might find that at the bottom of that cliff is a world of success, and one must take that leap of faith into the unknown. And that bolt of lightning may just unveil a grand revelation. You see, an edge is simply the outer limit of an object or area; a boundary. The only way society advances is by pushing that boundary. Edison said that AC power couldn’t be used, but Tesla pushed through and found a way. People said that man can’t fly, but Glenn Curtiss and the Wright Brothers proved them wrong. An edge represents the limit of our safety. Beyond that safety is the unknown and untested. When you leave the safety of your comfort zone you may get hurt, but you may also realize how restricting it was. The only way to know what awaits us is to jump.

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